We invite you to take a glimpse at our curriculum and what we will learn this year. 

Tefilla– Prayer and Parsha– Weekly Torah Portion

Every week at 9am, right at the start of Hebrew School, we do Tefillah (prayers/davening) all together. Through songs and discussions, children become familiar with basic liturgy and prayers and get acquainted with the Siddur (prayer book).

Right after Tefillah, We learn the Parsha/Torah portion of the week and discuss its values and practical life lessons. With raffles and very animated discussions (quite literally! Rabbi Teldon has a hidden talent of voices and sound effects) this is sure to be a highlight!

We then break up in to 3 different grade levels and learn the following subjects: 

1. In-depth holiday preparation & mitzvot curriculum;

K and 1st - New! My Holiday Adventures

"Holiday Adventures" is an interactive rhyming storybook that comes alive through the creativity of each student. With art, crafts and photos the book becomes a personal holiday journey; traveling from Rosh Hashanah through Shavuot (including Tu B'shvat & Lag Ba'Omer). Each child will receive a 10x10 / hardcover / full color.The children work on the book throughout the year, at each holiday milestone, and at the end of the year come home with a beautiful memento they will treasure forever.

K and 1st - New! Middot I can do

A fun and interactive curriculum with a strong emphasis on building awareness and knowledge of core Jewish values and positive characteristics, such as chesed (kindness), shalom, and simcha (happiness). Each topic is brought to a child’s relatable level complete with corresponding book, songs, stories, art and activities

2nd - 6th grade - New! iTorah curriculum

The iTorah curriculum explores fundamental Jewish concepts in a very personal, exciting, and interactive way. Topics such as G‑d, the Torah, Prayer, the Jewish Calendar and the Purpose of Creation are all part of this unique ​curriculum.

Holiday curriculum

Our children will learn the history and deep richness of our holidays along with the significance and beauty of the holiday customs and mitzvot. We will learn each holiday in the most multi-sensory way possible! Through cooking, a unique art project, and mitzvah project, we hope the lessons will last a lifetime.

2. Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading Program and Adventure with Alef

We are proud to use the acclaimed Aleph Champ Hebrew reading method, where learning to read is broken down into manageable goals where students can clearly gauge their progress. Every color coded reading book mastered gives students the confidence to keep on going. Aleph champ motivates children where success is their reward!

Learn and explore more about this incredible Hebrew reading program here: www.alephchamp.com/about

Adventure with Alef is an Alef Bet program teaching English speaking children the Hebrew letters. It uses the best proven learning method – mnemonics and presents each Hebrew letter with the most beautiful and simulating designs that children (and adults) will instantly remember and love.There is an accompanying app that is being developed that will enable you to practice at home! We will be using this program for children that are working on mastering the Hebrew letters.

3. Jewish History and collection cards!

The history of the Jewish nation is really the story of every individual Jew. Beginning from the Six Days of Creation and moving through time, the children explore the incredible journey of the Jewish people, and in effect, of themselves. Lessons are interactive, fascinating and relevant; children meet biblical and historical personalities and learn their stories – their challenges, their triumphs and their contributions. Children are inspired to add their link to the chain of Jewish history.

NEW! Jewish heroes workbooks and collection cards

The Jewish Heroes Workbook we use provides students with the opportunity to become Jewish Hero pros as they test their Jewish Heroes knowledge in a fun and exciting way and take their learning to the next level.

With the limited edition Jewish History Collection Cards, the giants of Jewish history leap off the pages and come to life in this exciting series. Starting from Avraham Avinu all the way until contemporary figures, each hero and heroine is colorfully described and can be collected and kept in your child very own album.