44022926_243236343013114_478922032126361600_n.jpgWelcome to Hebrew School of the Arts, where inspired Judaism— holidays, values, history, Israel, mitzvot, Hebrew reading, parshah— is brought to life through art, cooking, theater, music and science.

With an innovative and refreshing new curriculum, children never realize their in a classroom:

  • Adventure with Aleph (Pre-K - Kinder) : Beautiful illustrations and brilliant mnemonics makes it fun for younger students to learn and recall the Alef Bet.

  • JewQ (3rd -7th grade) : Students build their Jewish knowledge and compete in a children’s international Torah championship.

  • MADTorah (all ages) : Where science and Torah collab, and live scientific experiments spark lively discussions about Jewish life lessons.

  • Aleph Champ (1st - 7th grade) : A martial arts-inspired Hebrew reading method where color-coded levels motivate Aleph Champs to meet their manageable goals.

  • Adventure to the Holy Land (Pre-K - 2nd grade): Children take a 40-year road-trip to the Holy Land, reliving the journey using crafting, theater, film-making, engineering and more.

9:00 a.m.: Tefillah and Parshah (prayer and weekly Torah portion).

9:50 a.m. -12:00 p.m. Students are grouped by grades:

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten 
  • 1st & 2nd 
  • 3rd 
  • 4th - 7th