Appointments & Information
Use of the Chabad Community Mikvah is by appointment only. To schedule your Mikvah experience, please call 210-764-0300. 

Please drive into the secure Chabad Center for Jewish Life and Learning (Mikvah attendent will give you a code) and proceed to the designated Mikvah parking. You will be greeted by the attendent.

Hours of Operation:
The Mikvah is open after nightfall on weeknights, Shabbat & Holidays. It is closed twice yearly, on Yom Kippur and the 9th of Av. 


Mikvah Fees:

  • Family Mikvah Membership        $275.00 Yearly
    Includes unlimited personal and Toiveling of dishes use.

  • One-Time Visit                            $25.00 per visit
    Includes robe and towels. (Personal Preparation Kit an additional $5)

  • Kallah-Bride Experience             $36.00
    Includes robe, towels and personal preparation kits and special ammenities

  • Toiveling of Dishes                      $5.00
    Please coordinate with the office administrator.