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More than one hundred women from throughout the Jewish community gathered on Sunday, January 19th, 2014 - the 18th of Shevat 5774 to dedicate the new Chabad Community Mikvahat the Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning in S. Antonio, Texas.

Delicious refreshments and mimosas greeted the participants who came to celebrate the event. Following remarks by Mrs. Rivkie Block, head Shlucha in San Antonio, guest speaker Rebbitzin Goldie Plotkin of Toronto, Canada address the crowd and spoke about the importance and relevance of Taharas Hamispachah-Family Purity in modern times. Following the lecture and dedication, Mikvah tours were given of the new facility. The new Mikvah, a spa-like facility is graced by a beautiful custom mural by artist Michoel Muchnik which depicts the three special Mitzvos of women and the Jewish home.

For many in the audience, it was the most beautiful Mikvah they had ever seen. Yet for others, it was their first encounter with this special Mitzvah.

“We hope that by opening this beautiful Mikvah, a blessing and jewel of our community, many families will be warmed and enriched by the beautiful Mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpachah” said Mrs. Malkie Marrus, shlucha in San Antonio.

This special project began four years ago by Rabbi Yossi & Malkie Marrus as an expression of thanksgiving to the A-lmighty for the miraculous recovery of Mrs. Malkie Marrus. “We are very grateful to G‑d A-lmighty and all the donors and supporters, and most notably Uri & Bassie Laber of Miami, FL for their generous contribution that enabled this magnificent Mikvah to come to fruition” said Rabbi Yossi Marrus, of Chabad.

To see pictures of the Mikvah Dedication, click here.

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