You're invited to attend an empowering and enlightening morning of holiday related classes and workshops!

$18.00 Registration Fee | Register today! Call (210) 764-0300 or RSVP on Facebook event.

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8:00am Morning Services
9:00am Registration | Coffee & Refreshments
9:30am Session I
1. Knead to Know | Sweet Round Challah Baking Workshop with Rivkie Block
2. Music & the Machzor | The History & Origin of Yom Kippur’s Liturgical Music with Rabbi Yossi Marrus
3. Simchat Torah Unwrapped | Unlock the Joy of Dancing with the Torah with Rabbi Levi Teldon
4. Sukkah A-Z | The Spiritual & Practical of Building a Sukkah with Rabbi Avraham Kahan

10:15am Break
10:30am Session II (Repeat of Session I)
11:15am Break
11:30am Main Session
Enhancing Intimacy | A Torah Perspective on Intimate Relationships with Malka Touger of Jerusalem, Israel
12:30pm Program Ends