Shofar Factory Comes to S. Antonio - Sept. 05

Amidst the sounds of Shofar’s being blown and the power tools at work, some 600 children of the San Antonio Jewish community learned about the significance of the Shofar at the Living Legacy Shofar Factory. The Living Legacy Series, a program of Chabad International, is an innovative set of workshops geared to bring the Jewish holidays to life for Jewish children of all ages and affiliations. All of San Antonio’s synagogues, religious schools, preschools and the community day school participated in this exciting workshop.

The Shofar Factory provides the children with an exciting hands-on experience about the Rosh Hashanah holiday and the historic significance of the Shofar. The Shofar Factory then takes the children through the process of learning about the origin of the Shofar as well as the practical art of making a beautiful shofar. The children saw, sand down, drill and finally shellac the shofar and make them ready for use under the direction of trained craftsman. Rabbinical students Levi Marrus and Shmuel Rogoratsky arrived in San Antonio especially for this exciting workshop. “It’s always a pleasure working with chidren and teaching them the significance of the Jewish holidays” said Shmuel Rogoratsky, of the factory.

“As the high holidays approach, we are to look for ways to get in touch with the holiday spirit” said Rabbi Yossi Marrus, program director of Chabad. “I believe that when our children will hear the Shofar this year, it will be more relevant and real for them” he said. The Living Legacy Series also provides the Matzah Bakery, Olive Oil Workshop, Havdallah Workshop, and Mitzvah Workshop.

The Shofar Factory was co-sponsored by Chabad Lubavitch of South Texas and the San Antonio Association for Jewish Education of the Jewish Federation of San Antonio.

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