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Why is this playground needed?
A Jewish child in San Antonio deserves to experience the full richness of having lots of close Jewish friends from across the community—because we are one family. Whether you want a place to meet up with friends, hang out after soccer, celebrate a birthday party, go before or after dinner, spend a lazy Sunday, or make new friends, the playground is your place. Shaded place!

Is membership or synagogue affiliation required?
The IBC Children's Playground is a park where children from throughout the Jewish community are welcome. You don’t need a membership. You already belong. This is your playground, for you and by you. Everyone should feel that this is their park.

Why was KOMPAN company selected?
The project took over a year of careful planning, fundraising, and choosing a company. We finally settled on KOMPAN, an industry respected company whose USA office happens to be in Austin. Their impressive array of playground designs, their team's attentiveness to communication and understanding of the plaground vision, coupled with a significant grant they generously made, made choosing them the best choice.

Headquartered in Denmark, KOMPAN and its Institue of Play researches, tests and hand-crafts playgrounds that are a "motivator for children to play, stay and come back again and again," and designs eye-catching, elegant, and natural and playgrounds that "inspire children of all abilities to play and develop physically, social-emotionally and cognitive-creatively," from Robinia wood that is strong, durable, rot resistant and sourced sustainably.

What are some design features I can look forward to?
• Double PlayTower (17 ft), with 2 slides (8 ft and 4ft 10 in), rope bridge, and Curly Climber Pole
• Inclusive swingset with 2 regular seats, 2 infant seats, and 1 large rope basket
• Twin Ring Sky Carousel
• Parcour Obstacle Course, 
50 ft. long, 7 ft high
• Additional PlayTower with 1 slide (4 ft 10 in)

How can I donate?
Thank you! You can click here to make an online donation. Checks are accepted and payment plans can also be set up. Please contact Rabbi Levi or Rochel Teldon at (210) 764-0300 for more information.

Is the playground on a secured premises?
The playground is nestled on the secure and shaded campus of the Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning (14535 Blanco Rd. San Antonio, TX 78216). An access code is available to gain entry to the main front entrance gate. 

What are the hours?
The park will be open year round for you and your children’s enjoyment. While specific hours have not yet been established, they will likely be: M-F, early afternoon-7:30pm; closed on Saturday and Jewish holidays; and Sunday, 9:00am-7:30pm. Times are subject to change.