On the 5th of Shevat 5754, February 11, 1985, Rabbi Chaim Block, Rivkie and their daughter Chavie, arrived to establish the San Antonio Branch of Chabad Lubavitch. Filled with enthusiasm and encouraged by the Lubavitcher Rebbe's blessing, as well as those of Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff, Regional Director of Chabad Lubavitch of Texas in Houston, they began to assess the needs of the community and to determine how they could make a positive impact on Jewish life in San Antonio. 

Before long, Chabad found itself completely engrossed in a host of programs, including; Shabbat services and dinners, guest lectures, Torah classes, young couple's study groups, summer camp, Holiday programs, youth clubs and programs. In 1998 due to the growth of the organization, Rabbi Yossi and Malkie Marrus were brought on board to serve as program directors for the ever-continuing scope of activities. In 2010 due to the ever increasing growth of Chabad, Rabbi Levi & Rochel Teldon were brought on board as part of the team.

Over the years, Chabad has touched thousands of lives, served thousands of Shabbat and holiday meals, offered thousands of Torah classes and educated thousands of children in its summer camps, religious school and preschool programs. Chabad looks forward to the future with great anticipation and enthusiasm. Come visit us. A wonderful experience awaits you.