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Who wouldn’t love to feel consistently happy, self-assured, and enthusiastic? Yet often we’re consumed by feelings of failure, regret, and self-doubt. 

Mined from the teachings of Torah and contemporary psychology, Worrier to Warrior takes a fresh approach to the battle against bad feelings, providing realistic spiritual mechanisms for remaining upbeat no matter what life brings. 

Presenter: Rabbi Levi Teldon (Winter 2019)

Lesson 1
Achieving Authenticity - Addressing Impostor Syndrome

When praised for a good deed, 70% of people admit to squirming because they feel their act lacked authenticity. In this opening session, discover a place of objective authenticity within yourself that can weather any self-doubt and help you build confidence in your genuine goodness. 

Lesson 2
Embracing Flaws - Addressing Shame, Frustration, and Feelings of Inadequacy

Wrestling with feelings of overwhelm, procrastination, or general not-enough-ness? This session explores the seemingly senseless feelings of inadequacy and charts a course to transform them from adversary to ally. 

Lesson 3
Rethinking Regret - Addressing Unhealthy Guilt

We all slip, and it’s natural to feel some regret or guilt when we do. But can we focus on past actions without becoming paralyzed by bad feelings? In Lesson 3, we’ll challenge the negativity associated with regret, finding a catalyst for remarkable growth where it’s least expected. 

Lesson 4
Peering Through Pain - Addressing Pain, Anguish, and Anxiety

An optimistic attitude is a noble goal, but the sincere, burning flames of sadness, suffering, or loss can be incredibly difficult to douse. This session embraces the validity of pain while sensitively enhancing our internal perspectives to let the sun peek through despite the reality of our suffering. 

Lesson 5
Living Joyfully - Finding Happiness and Fulfillment

Things are fine—you've got what you need in health, finances, and relationships. But is “feeling fine” the same as feeling truly, energetically happy? By looking at common patterns in chasing inner contentment, Lesson 5 helps us pave a new path to more dependably enthusiastic living. 

Lesson 6
Refreshing Relationships - Remodeling Our Approach to Love and Relationships

Without a doubt, healthy relationships are key to positive emotions, but they are so much easier said than done. This session explores the triumphs and dysfunctions of human relationships, formulating a steady approach to allowing yours to flourish despite inherent strains.