Eruv Status is: KOSHER
update 5/13/2016

The Chabad Community Eruv was established in Elul, 5767 - September 2007 with the express purpose of enabling families to be able to come to Shul and be a part of the exciting programming taking place at the Chabad Center on Shabbat.

Map of Eruv
The Eruv includes the entire neighborhoods of Churchill Estates and Vista Del Norte, Edgewater, Cadillac Drive as well as the apartments of Landera, Seville, Blanco Crossing and Walker Ranch Apartments . Plans are underway to include the Walker Ranch subdivision in the future.

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Apartments near Chabad
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to see which apartments are located within a 20 minute walk from the Chabad Center.
Please note that only listings 1-4 and 8 are within the Chabad Eruv.

The Chabad Community Eruv is under the Hechsher /Supervision of Harav Sholom Blank of Miami, Florida, a world renown expert in Hilchos Eruvin. Our Eruv is in accordance with shitas H’Rambam and Shulchan Aruch Harav (Alter Rebbe).

The Eruv is checked weekly by the rabbis to insure that it is Kosher. It is the obligation of each individual to check the website, call the office or the rabbis to ensure that the Eruv is operational, as the nature is that sometimes there may be problems with the Eruv.

Some Basic Laws of Shabbos Related to an Eruv

There are 39 general categories of activities of creative work that are prohibited on Shabbos. One of these 39 is "transferring from domain to domain" (also called "carrying"). Basically this means that we do not carry any object — anything from a piano to a house key — from a "private domain" (an enclosed area such as a house or a fenced yard) out into a "public domain" (e.g., a city street), or vice versa. We also do not carry an object in a "public domain" for a distance of more than four cubits (about 6 feet). The Rabbis in the time of King Solomon instituted the concept of an Eiruv, a symbolic merging of many properties into one, thus enabling the carrying of objects within that designated area.

In San Antonio, this has been accomplished by utilizing a combination of power lines, fences and ravines to complete the enclosure.

There are over 150 communities in the country that have Eiruvin in their neighborhoods thus allowing families to wheel their infants in strollers to Shul for Shabbat services.