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Join us!

There's something for women of all ages, backgrounds and interests at events and classes offered by Women's League of Chabad:

Monthly Rosh Chodesh Dinner & Celebration 
Since 1985, Chabad’s monthly Women’s Rosh Chodesh dinner celebrations in private homes provides an opportunity for women from throughout our community to socialize, enjoy a delicious home-cooked dinner and be inspired by a D’var Torah presented by Rebbetzin Rivkie Block.

Larger Than Life - 7-part series from Rosh Chodesh Society 

Monthly Mom's Coffee Talk

Towards a Better Me - Bi-weekly Women's Tanya Class

Annual Community-wide Women's Event 

For more information, please contact Rivkie Block:

Office: 210-492-1085 | Rivkie 210-363-3210
Email: [email protected]

Stay up to date on women's events by checking our Facebook event page!