Community Outreach

  • Hospital & Nursing Homes Visitation
    A regular hospital and nursing hom visitation program help the rabbis and community members visit those who are not well. As people helping people, Chabad goes to all lenghts to warmly convey the beautiful message of Judaism to every Jew. If you or someone you know might be in the nedd of these servies, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Prison Chaplaincy & Visitation
    Our rabbis are in close contact will local, County, Fedearl and State correctional facilities throughout the greater South Texas region. We endeavor to provide spiritual counsleing and guidance to inmates as well as religious leaders who cater to Jewish inmates.
  • Jewish Article Resource Center
    In need of some Jewish articles or gifts?

Gan Gani Gift Shop carries many Jewish articles including: Mezuzas, Kippot, Taleisim, Teffilin, Torah Books, Videos, Tapes, Children's toys, computer software and books, Menorahs and other holiday necessities.

Fore more information on any of these programs, please call us at (210) 492-1085 or contact us at